Tuesday, September 4, 2012

New Member Meeting! TONIGHT!

Hey guys!  Just a reminder, there is a meeting for new members tonight at 7:00pm in PBB 113.  That's the Plant Biotech Building on the Ag Campus.

If you want to join the team but haven't paid, filled out paperwork or given your schedule to your captain this meeting is for you! Any returning members that have not done this yet are also encouraged to come tonight!

If you cannot make it to this meeting please email Colby Hansen to schedule a time to fill out paperwork and pay dues and send your schedules to either The Western Captain or The Hunt Seat Captain ASAP!

The entire officer team will be there tonight to answer any questions and help you with the paperwork.  We will also be giving away free tee shirts to new members and there will be a door prize!  Hope to see you there!